Essential repairs aided by National Churches Trust. - April 2023

As you all may have noticed over the past few months there has been some building work going on around our beautiful old church.

This was because over the past few years it had come to our attention that the cast iron guttering had rust away beyond repair also any rain water in the gullies around the church was slow to disappear as it worked on a soak away system which also gave us problems with flooding in heavy rain in the boiler house under the church.

In 2022 the church building committee had talks with Stephen Leighton the architect on site and it was clear to see that the gutter would need to be replaced and that all soak away rain gullies would need to be dug out and replaced with a new drainage system going to a proper drain / manhole leading down to the entrance gate.
Various quotations where obtained by Stephen Leighton with the best being around £37000 and the building committee took this information to the church vestry in September 2022 for approval.
With approval obtained we decided to see if we could get any help with costs towards these
necessary repairs and we applied to the National Churches Trust for a grant.
We have been fortunate to get the grant approved by the National Churches Trust and awarded £8000 towards these costs.

We are pleased to have been able to have this work carried out at it ensures that our church is continuing to be kept in a good state of repair for future generations.


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