The Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge
Raising Money for Tearfund

The Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge - Rev. Andy HeberThese days of restrictions and lockdown are testing us all, however it’s important to remember that our lives are safer and easier compared with many people in our world. In less developed countries with fewer resources and a much more basic infrastructure even the ability to wash your hands regularly is a luxury let alone the availability of sufficient hospital beds and ventilators. Over the coming months as the Corona Virus hits many of the less developed countries in our world, the effects will be devastating. Tearfund is one organization working in many of these countries seeking to provide aid, promoting hygienic practices and seeking to build adequate hand washing stations to prevent the spread of the virus. The Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge is an attempt to raise money to support them in this vital work.

It has long been one of my ambitions to climb Mount Kilimanjaro the 4th highest mountain in the world standing at 5895 metres tall. Obviously this is no longer possible and possibly never will be as the years go by, however I have decided to climb the equivalent of this mountain by running up the stairs in my house. The Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge - Rev. Andy HeberOver the course of 28 days, beginning on Sunday 10th May I am hoping to run/climb 31922 steps, that’s 76 flights of my stairs every day. (Coming down doesn’t count!) If I am successful in this challenge I will have climbed over 6000 meters, more than the height of Mount Kilimanjaro.

If you would like to sponsor me as I attempt this challenge and raise valuable money for Tearfund to help them in their work in less developed countries in our world, then please visit my Just Giving page to leave a donation and a message too if you want to:

The Mount Kilimanjaro Challenge - Rev. Andy Heber
Alternatively cheques made payable to Tearfund can be posted to me at 20 Glebe Road, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 6UW. Thank you very much for your interest and hopefully your support too.

Rev Andy Heber

Stairway to heaven ... NI cleric climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in his own home for charity MORE INFO

 Saturday 23rd May 2020
"Life at the Glebe House at the moment. I’m now half way up the Mountain, only 1020 flights to go now!”

Update 4th June 2020

31952 stairs climbed or 2130 flights climbed which is over 6000 Metres. Completed 2 days early in 26 days. I’m looking forward to giving my body a good rest now for a couple of weeks! So far over £3000 raised and the money is still coming in!


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